About Beauty of East & West

The aim of H&K is Because of Insist, So We Are The Best. Since from 2005, we have combined the multiple ingredients into the building materials product. Nowadays, our building product technology has grown up with time and obtained the acknowledgment from the customers. H&K has the most professional technology and innovation ability in building products. We promise that we are not only providing the best quality products but also using the environmentally friendly materials. We are planning to convert the more high-tech skills, which aim to make the unique design product. H&K has long-term experience in building field, so we have the superior design to cater to the multi-culture around the world.

We contribute the changeable idea of designs, the comfortable environment for working, the improvement of vision and depth in humanities, also the greens since of environment protection.

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When the Eastern art meeting the Western aesthetics, the differentiation with each other can be combined into beauty. No matter the fusion or the manifestation, delicacy VS ruggedness, prosperous VS simplicity, idea VS technology, all the Beauty of Eastern and Western is the beauty.


The color frame in decorative building products is so large that it can contribute another beauty of feeling. From the texture to the painting technology, Beauty of East & West still is growing up. Besides the colorful attractive, it also contributes the high precision visual sense.


We have the serious attitude by controlling the quality of the product. We consider all the producing process seriously and promise to take the responsibility for the product. We have the confidence to build up the best beauty!


Our materials apply the diversification to demonstrate the beauty of East & West. The combination and matching of Polyurethane, resin, rattan, wrought iron glass, ceramics, palm, volcanic rocks and shellfish & leather elucidate another kind of beauty in reality and illusion.


We promise to use the environmental friendly materials, which aim to broadcast the concept of the green earth. Knowing then you blessing, love then you cherishing.