SHN-3331 Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

///SHN-3331 Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

SHN-3331 Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

  • Single tile:3/8”H X 13/16”W X 1/16”D
  • The size can be customized
  • Wonderful decorative material
  • No pollution, no color fading
  • 100% quality assured


Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash, single tile:3/8”H X 13/16”W X 1/16”D in size. Each chip size is 10×20 mm. Our beautiful herringbone pattern tile in iridescence black, and there are some chips with light brown and white. Natural tones is on a mesh backing for easy installations in many applications, like living room, bedroom, TV background, feature walls and ceiling in house decoration. Bring the natural beauty of the ocean and the right touch of elegance feeling for your space.

Advantages of Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

  • Insects Resistant, made of natural shellfish, no termite or borer damage
  • No rotten, hard texture shells, not weathering and fragmentation that no rotten
  • Non-toxic, natural material, far away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution
  • Consistency, the same Installation way with general wall ornaments
  • Recyclable, no pollution and no burden to the environment and the Earth

Specification of Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

Beauty of East & West Series – Natural Pear Shell Tiles
Product Name Pearl Shell Tiles
Model SHN-3331
Material Natural Shell
Dimension Single tile:10x20x2mm / 3/8”H X 13/16”W X 1/16”D
Application Interior
Color Original

  • Order products that have no stock, you can order the size you want
  • Natural shell material that colors and sizes occasionally variation from chip to chip
  • 0.3-0.5mm thickness disparity may vary from chip to chip
  • May some differences between photographic images and genuine items, welcome to contact with our sales to have more details

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Application Image of Herringbone Pattern Shell Tile Backsplash

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