COT-148 Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles

///COT-148 Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles

COT-148 Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles

  • Size:12”H X 12”W X 3/16”~5/16”D
  • Easy to clean, maintain and remove
  • Easy installation, just like wall paper
  • High flexible customization
  • Natural materials composed


Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles, 12”H X 12”W X 3/16”~5/16”D in size. Seamless coconut palm wood tiles organize this fantastic and unique pattern coconut panel with numerous shattered triangle shell. This seamless coconut palm wood tile can be crafted into furniture designs, such as cabinet doors, table and chair surface, bed headboard, bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cabinet. Our coconut wall panel is obliged to your customization baed on your preference.

Advantages of Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles

  • Non-toxicity, All the materials are free of formaldehyde and preservative
  • Stereoscopic, After crafting and connection, it can be kept in nature curve
  • Consistency, The technical work is similar as wall decor, simple and easy
  • Degradable, The material can be degradable, which is environmentally friendly
  • Abrasive Resistance, Coconut shell belongs to the high-fiber material, which has the advantage of abrasive resistance ability

Specification of Seamless Coconut Palm Wood Tiles

Beauty of East & West Series – Coconut Tiles
Product Name Coconut Tiles
Model COT-148
Material Natural Coconut Shell
Dimension 305x305x4~8mm
12”H X 12”W X 3/16”~5/16D
Application Interior
Color Original

  • Coconut shell belongs to the high-fiber material, you can order the size you want
  • Natural coconut shell material that colors and sizes occasionally variation from chip to chip
  • May some differences between photographic images and genuine items, welcome to contact with our sales to have more details

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