LI-F105 Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament

///LI-F105 Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament

LI-F105 Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament

  • Size:3-9/16”H X 2-3/8”W X 2-3/8”D
  • Pure handmade for exclusive value
  • High flexible customization
  • Vivid and crystal details
  • Detailed sandblast buddha face


Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament.3-9/16”H X 2-3/8”W X 2-3/8”D in size. Shakyamuni Buddha liuli crystal ornament shows us the vivid and detailed buddha face. This Shakyamuni liuli buddha face conveys the concept of grand and wisdom. Small size and solemn as it is, this liuli work can decorate you residence subtly. Pate de verre technique make it unique in shape and style while with slight color deviation.Our Liuli work accept your customization and it may take 30 days.

Liuli crystals are made through manual dewaxing (Pate de Verre), therefore there are tiny bubbles inside, and the coloring is also differed. Through this, each style demonstrates a variety of coloring difference.

Customize Order

We can produce based on your designed figure, size and color. Since they are handmade, thus the production time for 100 units is 25 days. Thus, please pay attention on the delivery date. Making the mold needs 7 working days, and the cost of the mold will be charged separately.

Advantages of Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament

  • Clearness, The percentage of lead is over 24%, which has meet the standard of glass
  • Permeability, All the materials are permeability, it can be match perfectly with light design
  • Smoothness, Surface curve is stereoscopic, which can show the charm and personality
  • Attractive, Colors match with different style of product

Specification of Shakyamuni Buddha Liuli Crystal Ornament

Beauty of East & West Series – LiuLi Crystal
Product Name LiuLi
Model LI-F105
Material Color crystal liuli ores
Dimension 90x60x60mm
3-9/16”H X 2-3/8”W X 2-3/8”D
Application Interior

  • The difference in color melted in Liuli is considered as natural phenomenon.
  • During installation, pay attention to light source, as it is the main factor in showing the characteristic of Liuli.
  • During transportation and installation, avoid knocking or falling.
  • Do not place flatly on hard table surface without protection. It may cause defects by scratches on the surface.

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