Decorative plexiglass panels creating a high-performance office intervals. The resin decorative plexiglass panels gives us the inspiration of nature, and really make a difference in adding special qualities to the space.

We use resin translucent panels to decorate office, with the features ceiling elements and LED lights to provide us with a transparent translucency that helps us distinguish between the “front yard” areas of the main business units and make people work with certain privacy and incompleteness.

Decorative plexiglass panels for office

The designers also used the decorative plexiglass panels as the space division, separate the low seats and green plants from the collaborating areas. Green plants can be seen everywhere along the hall corridor and the front yard,just as working in the nature and release working pressure.

The designer makes the entire design workplace in an open mode, with front yard, backyard, color and public space layout, while developing the overall workstations, movable walls, lighting fixtures. Such a office space is completely open, but also relatively independent by the plexiglass panels. Plexiglass panels are really make a difference, bring us the surprises and effects.

Decorative plexiglass panels for office Decorative plexiglass panels for office