There are many general decoration craft, such as Liuli, agate, gold, silver, and so on. In this article, we will talk about the Liuli hand made decoration crafts. Liuli is a Chinese ancient material, which has been used for 2467 years of history. Since ancient times, it can only be used for the royal-only. Moreover, the user has a very strict level requirements, so folk is rare to see.

How to fell the Beauty from Liuli Decoration Craft

LI-F0906E Samantabhadra Bodhisattva Liuli Buddha  

Liuli is also known as China’s top five famous decoration crafts (gold and silver, jade Tsui, Liuli, ceramics, bronze). It is also one of the seven treasures of the Buddha, but when it come to the Ming Dynasty has been basically lost. Only in the legend and the novels are recorded. For example, there is a section in “Journey to the West ” said that the character was demoted heaven because of breaking a Liuli. Then this character embarked on a long way to learn the West.

How to fell the Beauty from Liuli Decoration Craft

LI-Q15A Liu Li Feng Shui Ornament

Either in the royal family, or in the myth story, the Liuli decoration crafts are holding a very important position. Liuli decoration craft beautiful and delicate. The colors are also bright and attractive. What’s more, Liuli has a delicate texture, comfortable touch feeling, and wrapped pulp moist.

How to fell the Beauty from Liuli Decoration Craft

LI-G03 Chinese Liuli Fu Lu Shou Statues (Set of 3)

Ancient Liuli decoration craft pendant has a high refractive index. Thus, it can show a crystal clear effect, especially under the sunshine. Liuli decoration craft shows the fully charm of art. The different angles of the thickness and colors can show a three- dimensional visual effects when it expose under the light refraction. You can enjoy the natural flow of color, and feel the beauty of mood.

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