Goodware has been following the healthy, natural and green ideals. The main material of “eco architectural resin panels production is high-performance polyester resin, combined with natural plants such as green grass, rice, sorghum, oats, ginkgo biloba, tree branches, veins, bamboo series, bamboo and etc., rich style, fascinating decorative effect.

Kinds of eco resin wall panels

Kinds of eco architectural resin panels

1) Natural elements

Natural element series is the organic connection of nature to a real space, so that you can feel the beauty of natural fashion. Plant roots, stems, leaves, thatch and so on natural elements, can be arbitrarily arranged, let people find a different kind of quiet in the hustle and bustle of the city.

architectural resin panels architectural resin panels architectural resin panels

2) Industrial elements

Eco-resin wall panels can show the geometric structure of the city, different metal texture and a variety of line, or even the recovery of the cans, can be included in the ecological resin panels, give us a look of industrial elements style.

3) Veneer elements

Eco-resin panels show the most vividly to the natural veneer, technology veneer and different lines, and even bamboo can be wrapped in the ecological resin panel, we can imagine how different design will be brought with us.

4) Fabric series

The profile of the eco architectural resin panels is to insert the translucent knitted fabric into the plate, and the transparent resin panel can arouse the natural and elegant scene. And cotton, linen, wool and other woven into cloth, lines, a variety of patterns and a variety of colors, different texture and different lines, let our lives become more abundant.

Kinds of eco resin wall panels