What is mother of pearl mosaic? Mother of pearl tiles made of shells (pure natural mother of pearl shells: white platter shells, black discs, yellow dish shellfish, abalone shellfish, pink shellfish), natural product, its internal texture is a hard part, after cutting, sterilization, surface polishing and other processes, and then artificial collage with a specific color arrangement to form the mother of pearl mosaic. The shell pattern, color may not be exactly same even the is the same kind shell. Just because of this feature makes the shell mosaic rich changeable. Mother of pearl mosaic, a new type of environmental decoration materials, more and more people are choose them in home decoration.

What is mother of pearl mosaic

The advantages of mother of pearl mosaic 

  • Low water absorption, good moisture resistance. Mother of pearl tile density is high, 0% water absorption, good moisture resistance.
  • No pollution, no radiation. Mother of pearl tile is from deep sea, in line with the people life concept of “healthy living, healthy consumption” .
  • Do not rot, pest control. Shells is hard texture, will not weathering and fragmentation, no worry about any termite or borer damage.
  • Color long-lasting. Pure shellfish surface is with natural texture and glory, will not fade, color can withstand the test of time. the biggest feature of the mother of pearl tile is that it will show some different coloring from different angles.
  • Easy to install. mother of pearl mosaic tile is composed of a small single size, light material.

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What is mother of pearl mosaic What is mother of pearl mosaic What is mother of pearl mosaic